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    David Allingham and Alastair Seeley have formed an unlikely friendship working together at EHA Racing. One thing they definitely have in common, is enjoying close to the knuckle banter and a good belly-laugh.

    Always plenty to talk about when David and Alastair get together…

    We decided to have some light-hearted humour with them in a five minute QUICKFIRE session. [Granted some of David’s answers took five minutes!]

    How much money have you in your pocket?

    D.A: Nothing!

    He’d just bought the coffee and cake

    Seeley: Three quid! [Forty three but I’m not pulling out the notes the Queen might blink!]

    If you could, who would you change places with for one weekend?

    D.A: Josh Brookes, so I could be team-mates with Scott Redding to see how that Ducati rolls.

    Seeley: I’d swap with Scott Redding, because having ridden the Ducati at the North West and in testing in Portugal, I’d like to see how good it is now after all the development. They are a good team and I’d love a full weekend on that bike.

    Who would you choose to play your life story in a film?

    D.A: Someone good looking like Tom Cruise…

    Seeley: You b******* I was going to say that. I’ll go for Brad Pitt. He’s a good looking **** and has more hair than me.

    Biggest influence on your career to date?

    D.A: Oh Ed Senior. My Da.

    Seeley: My oul boy, Da Joe. He’s kept me right the whole way through my career. I think Ed and Da Joe have the same qualities. David and I have discussed that. It’s the motocross dad scenario. If you’ve ridden rubbish, then you get the silent treatment.

    Favourite track?

    D.A: Oulton Park, as it has a little bit of everything.

    Seeley: Brands GP. I’ve had a lot of success there. Won a wet Superbike race there and won a lot in the dry in other classes. It suits my style: fast and flowing and no stop-starty stuff.

    Favourite meal on a night out?

    D.A: After a night out on the beer, has to be an oul curry or something like that [laughing!]

    Seeley: Fillet Steak, chips, mushrooms sauce or pepper sauce.

    Best book you’ve ever read?

    D.A: Definitely The Secret. Andy [Speedy Reidy] recommended it. It’s superb.

    Seeley: Hustler… the mutt mag [younger generation and those who’ve live a sheltered life… Google it!]

    Current music listening to?

    D.A: Listening to a bit of Kings of Leon recently.

    Seeley: I’m not that fussed.

    D.A jumps in and says: “He and Trevor in the team love ‘King Billy’s on the Wall! [both now laughing like schoolboys]

    Seeley: Spotify. I click onto Dani’s albums. I love a bit of dance music but love some rock music like AC/DC in the gym to help lift a few heavy weights.

    If your house was burning down what three items would you rush in to save?

    D.A: Megan for a start. Pole position watches from Brands Hatch and Oulton Park.

    Seeley: Dani and the kids obviously. The crow-bar out of my garage, so I can get my stash of money from under the floorboards! Then let her burn and get the insurance! [more laughter… but he’s serious!]

    Brolly Dolly or ‘Mrs’?

    In unison, the two liars said: Definitely the Mrs… [crawlers!]

    Sweet or Sour and crisps or chocolate?

    D.A: Sweet and chocolate

    Seeley: Sweet and chocolate

    iPhone of Android?

    D.A: iPhone

    Seeley: Android


    D.A: I’ve never really been in to tattoos, but if I did get something it would have to mean something to me.

    Seeley: None. I’m not really interested in ink.

    Two people dead or alive you’d love to have dinner with?

    D.A: Casey Stoner and Ricky Carmichael.

    Seeley: Steve Hislop and Colin McRae.

    There you have it folks. How would you like to work in a garage with this pair of jokers…

    always a laugh guaranteed with this pair…

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